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2 Part Article Series

Jesus, the Original

2 Part Article Series

Jesus, the New Law in Town

2 Part Article Series

Heart-Healthy Foods

2 Part Article Series

Consider Him

2 Part Article Series

A Final Exhortation

2 Part Article Series

Overcoming Problems in Marriage

A series of marital exercises and advice split into two sessions by Dr. Wayde Goodall.

3 Part Article Series

Lifting the Load of Depression

7 Part Article Series

Seven Actions to Defeat Your Giant

An excerpt from Dr. Mark Flattery's book -- "Stand Firm: What to Do When Life Knocks You Down"

4 Part Article Series

Your Guide to the Bible

The Bible is a complex book. Rather than a single book with a single author, it is a collection of different books combined under one cover.…

7 Part Video Series

The Lord’s Prayer: Teach Us to Pray

"Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us today…

12 Part Article Series


Story By Marshall F. Bruner, Illustrations by Kathleen Caldwell

30 Part Article Series

Beloved One: Alene

An elven girl named Alene is discovered as an infant and raised by an old man. When she is older, she goes off on a quest to find her true…

8 Part Article Series

I John: A Lifestyle that Transforms

John teaches us how to live a genuinely biblical lifestyle that honors God. In this series, written by Dr. Mark Flattery, we will study…