Ministry Resources
6 Part Article Series

The Life of the Widow

A series on continuing after the death of a spouse by Dr. Charles Harris.

6 Part Article Series

Growing the Home

A series on cultivating fruits of the spirit in your family by Sylvia Stewart.

6 Part Article Series

People of the Bible

A series on prominent figures of the bible and the lessons we can learn from their lives by Charles Stanley.

51 Part Article Series

Lesser Known People of the Bible

Jim Cole-Rous researched background information on Lesser Known Bible People beginning in 2008. Jim trained at the South African Bible…

3 Part Article Series

Clothed with Christ

A series on living like Jesus by James D. Thornber.

10 Part Article Series

A Study of Revelation

Exie Barber grew up in an Assemblies of God pastor's home. The Kansas District Council of the Assemblies of God Ordained him in 1978.…

3 Part Article Series

3 Difficult Choices

A series on the difficult choices that Jesus calls us to make by Dave Beroth.

6 Part Article Series

Searching For Answers

A six-lesson course to help people know that God cares about them and has a plan for their lives. Do you sometimes wonder what life is all…

6 Part Article Series

Pathways for Turbulent Times

If you want more out of life, this book is for you! Be prepared for some surprises though. It may challenge some of your ideas. It may…

5 Part Article Series

Daughters – Part 1: Daughters of Divinity

The First part of Erin Nicole Thompson's' Daughters Series.

7 Part Article Series

Why Read Your Bible?

Understanding and reading the Bible is critical to our Christian walk and discipleship.

9 Part Article Series

People, Tasks, and Goals: What It Takes To Be A Leader

What makes a strong leader? This lesson series takes a deep dive into the characteristics and attributes of Biblical leaders to try and find…

3 Part Article Series

Run, and Don’t Look Back!

A short story told in three parts about the danger and guilt of pornography.

5 Part Article Series

Daughters – Part 2: Daughters of Delight

The second part of Erin Nicole Thompson's' Daughters Series.