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Life can be hard. We all face challenges and trials, but finding answers can be frustrating. Don’t lose hope. There is an answer. We’ll help you find it.

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My Journey


Ron and Erin wanted to adopt a child, but little did they know it was going to be a difficult journey with many roadblocks along the way.…

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Nothing Wasted

You would never call time of doing nothing with an earthly lover a waste of time would…


The Fathers’ Cry

In the background of every single one of our own personal stories, there is the sound of a…


Daughters of Dignity – Part 4: The Defenseless Defended

Part 4: Daughters of Dignity Day 4: The Defenseless Defended “Then he [Jesus] turned to…


Speak Out

My whole life I have always been soft-spoken. From the time I could form sentences till…


David’s Story – Finding Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love Changes Everything! David’s family was torn apart because it…


Child of Sorrow, Child of Peace

A Hurting Word. Someone, somewhere in our world today aborted a child. Our hearts break,…

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