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Ron and Erin wanted to adopt a child, but little did they know it was going to be a difficult journey with many roadblocks along the way.…

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The Life of the Widow – Part 3: Physical and Mental Considerations

Wesley Teterud says, “A widow’s health is at a higher risk of declining during the first…


The Life of the Widow – Part 2: The Grieving Process

Scholars, both sacred and secular, have given much attention to the subject of the…


The Life of the Widow – Part 1: God’s Love for Her

I am a widower of more than six years now. The pain of saying goodbye to my sweetheart of…


Written Up–Written Down

One of my many embarrassing moments!   Second semester Greek class with Brother…


Witness Without Fear

We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers,…


Why God Speaks More to Senior Adults Than Anyone Else!

The title of this article may have caught your attention if only because you question the…

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