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The Message of the Ages – Redemption

  God’s crowned. His total creation of planets, solar…

11 Part Article Series

John’s Gospel

6 Part Article Series

Your Bible


Rachel’s Death in Childbirth

I always hated scripts where somebody gets killed off and…


Understanding The Context of Judah’s Punishment in Genesis 38

Understanding the context of Biblical passages is key to…


Why it is Important to Study the Bible in Context

Context is the way God gave us the Bible, one book at a…


A Common Objection to Studying in Context

I will deal here with one objection to studying the Bible in…

1 Part Video Series

Who Jesus Is

6 Part Article Series

Pathways for Turbulent Times


Using Church Fathers to Interpret the Bible

Some writers have expressed the conviction that any…


God Does Miracles Only When We Need Them

Matthew 14:13-21 The miracle of the “feeding of the five…


Why Making Your Bed Matters

Every morning, as a kid, I made my bed. Why? My mom told me…


The Empty Head

Billy told his mother he had a stomachache. His mother…


Getting Bright Ideas

There are some weeks I enter the classroom ready for action.…


Write With God

Are you a writer? That question plagues many. Are you any…