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Five Second Rule

Most people have heard of the “five second rule”—that if…


Who Put That There?

Have you ever seen something new in your house and thought…


What Will You Harvest?

I was surprised to discover the Red Delicious apple began…


The Crowd Pleaser

Read Mark 15:1-15. “Wanting to satisfy the crowd,…

3 Part Article Series

Clothed with Christ

2 Part Article Series

King of Righteousness, King of Peace

7 Part Article Series

In Pursuit of the Disobedient

5 Part Article Series

Stories Without Endings

2 Part Article Series

Under God’s Hand

4 Part Article Series

God’s Mighty Works and Faithful Disciples

2 Part Article Series

The Faith to Refuse


How to Avoid Moments of Weakness When Tempted

Learn ways to avoid temptation. There are several…


When We’re Accused of Sin… and It’s True

Our world seems to become more corrupt day by day. The…


Perfectly Imperfect

“Look at that driver! Get off the phone!”…


Poor in Spirit

“Look at me, Mom!” Shane cries. “See what…