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Hear From the Prophets

The lessons of this course record the life-changing experiences of eight of God’s prophets. Careful study of this course and obedience to the words of the prophets will help you know how to submit to God.

He received God’s Word

Does God speak to you?

Yes. God speaks to anyone who will give Him opportunity.

Of course we use the word speak to mean “communicate” or “get into contact with.” This includes several kinds of speaking. We have just considered how God “spoke” to Joseph through dreams. That is, He made himself and His will known to Joseph in this way.

We remember that God spoke to Noah, telling him of the flood. He spoke as a guiding teacher would, patiently giving specific details for construction of the ark. Certainly God spoke often to Abraham. How clear was the voice that called him forth to begin a new generation. How welcome were those words which God spoke in order to stop the knife, and spare his beloved son.

By speaking to individuals, God accomplished three purposes. He made them aware of His existence. He let them know that He desired their companionship. He gave them instructions for carrying out certain plans.

Now we find that God wishes to speak not only to individuals, but to all people everywhere. He wishes not only to give special instructions, but to make His will known throughout the earth. For this He desires that speech be put into writing. And 3 according to His usual way of working with His people, God chooses a man.

In this lesson we will consider one of the most interesting and important chapters in all of human history-the life and work of Moses, the first man to receive a written word of revelation from God.

In this lesson you will learn:

  • Why God Called Moses
  • We Learn Truth From the Word
  • We Respect and Obey the Word

This lesson will help you:

  • Explain why God called Moses
  • Relate facts concerning the Torah
  • Appreciate the Word of God
  • Understand and obey the Word
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