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Hear From the Prophets

The lessons of this course record the life-changing experiences of eight of God’s prophets. Careful study of this course and obedience to the words of the prophets will help you know how to submit to God.

God’s Compassion

What had happened was possible only because God was directing events. One day Joseph was a foreigner and a slave in prison. The next he was in the position of a ruler.

Some people might be proud and vengeful if they were given honor and power in this way. But we find that Joseph accepted God’s plan with humility. He expressed his submission to God by showing love to others.

The seven good years went by. The barns of Egypt were bulging with grain from the abundant harvests. Then came the famine. Soon people from great distances were coming to buy food from the stores Joseph managed. One day he looked up from his business and saw his ten brothers among those who came for food.

What would you have done? How would you have treated those who had plotted your death, thrown you into a well, and sold you as a slave into a strange country? Would you want to punish them? Get revenge?

Joseph did not even think of it. His life was in the hands of God.

The compassion of God was a force inside him There was no room for proud or vengeful thoughts.

The brothers did not recognize Joseph. He decided to test them by pretending to accuse the youngest one of robbery. They all came to the defense of their brother and offered to pay the penalty for his crime.

This proved to Joseph that they had repented of their former sins and had changed their ways. So he revealed himself to them. “See, I am Joseph,” he said, “God sent me ahead of you to preserve your lives by a great deliverance. Hurry back now and bring the entire family. I want to honor my father and provide for him in the manner that a son should.”

So Joseph arranged for the family to be brought to Egypt where he prepared a home for them. He saw that they had respected positions and the best land. They were grateful to him and bowed down before him.

The dreams of Joseph had come true! But now he felt no pride in the humiliation of his family. He did not receive their gestures as a haughty ruler would. He knew that everything had been planned by God to save His people. Joseph was a loving brother and son. He knew that his life had been used to illustrate how God delivers the helpless, provides in all circumstances for those who trust Him, and forgives His wayward children when they call upon His name.


Oh God, Protecting Friend of Joseph, Knower of all things and wisest among the wise. Teach me to find refuge in You during all circumstances and difficulties. Help me at all times to display those qualities of personal character that are most pleasing to You. May I not question the experiences of my pilgrimage here on earth, but may I learn to completely surrender my life unto Your perfect Wisdom. For You, and You alone, are the Lord of my life. As you helped Joseph, may You also be pleased to help me so that my words and actions might continually reflect obedience, humility, and compassion for others around me. Amen.

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