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Hear From the Prophets

The lessons of this course record the life-changing experiences of eight of God’s prophets. Careful study of this course and obedience to the words of the prophets will help you know how to submit to God.

He Was the Friend of God

You can be absolutely sure of your relationship with God. You can learn from the experiences of Abraham how to submit yourself to God and receive the blessings He has promised. God chose Abraham to be His servant and His friend. God did this in order to put into action His plan to bless all who would follow His will.

In the account of Abraham’s life you can find the principles necessary to turn your own life toward its true purpose. He recognized the nature and danger of sin. He believed that God was interested in him and his people. He accepted God’s promise. He obeyed God’s instructions. He submitted himself completely to the will of God, in obedience, and also in love.

In this lesson you will learn more about these principles and how to live by them as Abraham did. You will understand what it means to be a friend of God.

In this lesson you will learn:

Abraham Answered God’s Call

Abraham Demonstrated Faith

Abraham Gave All to God

This lesson will help you:

Explain the nature of man’s relationship with God

Describe how Abraham demonstrated faith and submission

Understand how you may respond to God’s call.

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