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One Narrow Lifeline

Time dragged on at the labor and delivery ward where I…


Human Trafficking – Slavery Revealed

Close your eyes and imagine your childhood bedroom. Notice…

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Solving Life’s Problems

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Seven Actions to Defeat Your Giant


An Anxious Life

It is morning and anxiety is already beginning to rise in…


No Need to Fear

Fear is an emotion given to us from God as a means of…


Get Up and Stand Firm

I have always thought that the true test of a man’s…

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Ten Reasons to Get Up and Stand Firm

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Searching For Answers


Comfort for an Agitated Heart

The founder of a successful manufacturing company was in the…


Where is Here?

As Lee, Teresa, their baby son, Jesse, and their dog,…

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The Life of the Widow

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Faith Beyond Death

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Living with Cancer

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The Battle of the Mind