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Perfect Pitch

“We all struggle with doubt, I suppose. Haven’t…


Journey Worship #1

Take a few minutes and join us for our very first…

10 Part Article Series

Tents, Temples, and Palaces


The Greatest Gift You Can Give

‘Where is He who is born king of the Jews’ the…

10 Part Article Series

Prayer and Worship


Glorifying God in Life and Death

Hugh Franzsen sat at a table in the hostel dining hall…

9 Part Article Series

Helping Christians Grow

8 Part Article Series

Christian Worship


Jacob’s Wives Agree with His Plan

In Jacob’s culture, husbands held the final say. Further,…


The Call to Go in Faith

God calls Abram to leave behind everything familiar to him…


Understanding The Context of Judah’s Punishment in Genesis 38

Understanding the context of Biblical passages is key to…


Living at Peace with Our Neighbors

As a minority in a larger society, how should we as…


Not Just What God Saved Us From

What usually gets our attention is that God delivers us out…


Explaining Dreams in Jail

During periods of suffering, some of us forget God’s calling…

3 Part Article Series

Clothed with Christ