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Dave Arnold

Dave Arnold, Pastor Gulf Coast Worship Center New Port Richey, Florida

Articles by: Dave Arnold


Does the New Testament Quote the Old Testament Out of Context?

Some claim that the apostles took Scripture out of context in the New Testament, and that their example…


Easter and What It Means

Marguerite Higgins served as a war correspondent during the Korean War. She received the much-coveted Pulitzer prize for…


He Walked in the Way of His Father

The late George W. Truett, longtime pastor of Dallas First Baptist Church, preached from Joshua 24:15 , “As…


Now Then, Do It!

The worst procrastinator I have ever read about is the true story of a man who was born…


Let Not Your Hands Be Slack

On July 14, 1974, an article appeared in a religious publication entitled, “A Deadly Disease Of The Spirit.”…


Never Doubt in the Dark What God Told You in the Light

Charles Spurgeon declared, “I would sooner walk in the dark and hold hard to a promise of God,…


Dealing with Disappointment

Philip Brooks wrote, “Life is full of ends, but every end is a new beginning, and we are…

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