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Beloved One: Alene

An elven girl named Alene is discovered as an infant and raised by an old man. When she is older, she goes off on a quest to find her true family, and her true identity. As she travels, she learns different things, all of which are allegories for Christian principles. Along her adventure she meets people, who are representative of biblical characters, who help her learn important principles about life, faith, and her identity of self. Written by Elizabeth Ware.

Chapter Seven: “Gryphon”

The sounds of shouting awoke the girl from her slumber. Abbi stood nearby, a hand on Alene’s shoulder. “Abbi, what is happening?”

“The men of Dolum are attacking.” Her voice was quiet and nervous. “Dai has gone to help fight them.”

The two women kept silent as the sounds of shouting and metal clashing against metal, filled the air. Suddenly Abbi gasped. “The sheep! Dolum’s men will carry them off.” She ran for the door and threw it open.

“Abbi wait!” Alene got up and followed her outside.

She could see houses on fire and people fighting. Her legs moved and she followed Dai’s wife to the sheep pen behind their house. The woman jumped over the gate, picking up her husband’s shepherd crook.

Alene leapt over the wall as well. “Abbi, what do we do?”

“We fight! These sheep are the king’s!” she brandished the crook, with the young girl hiding behind her.

Alene watched as a man came lumbering towards them. Alene instantly recognized him as the same man she saw fight Miho, the night her grandfather died. “H-him…!?”

“Gryphon!” Abbi held the crook defensively as the man came over the wall. “Stay back!”

“Ah, Dai’s pretty wife… and, oh, the young one that Miho was protecting.” Gryphon laughed. The man drew a sword and advanced upon the two women. Suddenly, a stone hit the man in the side.

Dai stood with a sling in his hand. “Step away from them, Gryphon!”

“What can you do, Dai? All you have is a sling and a stone.”

The young man grinned. “If you remember, Gryphon, I used this sling and stone to kill your master’s giant, Golyat.” He loaded a stone into the sling and began swinging it around. “I have defeated your men, and I will kill you if I have to.”

Gryphon looked at the man before leaping back over the wall and running away. Abbi lowered the shepherd crook and smiled at her husband. “Thank you, Dai!”

“Yes, thank you…”

He nodded and smiled. “Of course… the village is mostly alright. The two of you should go get some sleep. I’ll take care of everything around here.”

“Of course, my dear…” Abbi placed her hands on Alene’s shoulder. “Come along, dearie.” They went into the house and Dai’s wife allowed the young girl to go back to bed.

While Alene lay in bed, she heard Dai come inside. He kept his voice quiet. “Abbi, I do not think I will be able to take Alene any further. Our village was destroyed in places; I must remain here to help rebuild. I wish to help her, but…”

“I’m certain she’ll understand, my dear.”

“I hope so too,” His voice trailed off as he and his wife went to their room.

Alene laid there, she wondered what she was going to do now that she would be alone.

[Next Chapter:  Alene strikes out on her own, and she meets another servant of the king.]

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