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God Loves You

Boys and girls in many countries are studying these same lessons. So are many of their parents and older brothers and sisters. Why? Because they all like to read about these great men and women who lived long ago. And because it is fun to look at the pictures and to do the things that you are asked to do in each lesson. Most of all you will like these lessons because of what you will learn about God.

God Loves You | Lesson 1

God Knows You and Loves You

Learn this about God:

  • God has a book called the Bible or the Holy Bible.
  • God tells you the truth about Himself in the Bible.
  • God always has been and always will be.
  • God can do anything. He made the world.
  • God is everywhere and knows everything.
  • God made you. He knows you and loves you.
  • God is good. When you know Him, you will love Him.

These words are from the Bible. Read them aloud 5 times.

God is love. We love because God first loved us. 1 John 4:16, 19 (TEV)

Can you do this?

To do as you read and study this lesson

Ask God to help you understand what you are reading. Think about the meaning of each underlined sentence.

The Bible tells you what God is like.

God always has been and always will be. Before there was a world, before there were sky and clouds, before there were sun, moon, and stars, there was God.

God can do anything. God made the world. God made the rocks and mountains. God made the lakes and rivers. God made the trees and flowers. God made the animals and people. God made you.

The Bible tells you God is everywhere.

God is all around you like the air that you breathe. You can’t see the air. You can’t see God. But God can see you. God can hear you. God can talk to you. God knows you and loves you.

The Bible tells you God knows everything.

God sees everything you do. God hears everything you say. God knows everything you think and feel. God knows what is best for you. God knows the truth about everything. God tells you the truth in the Bible.

God loves you just the way He made you.

Some people have freckles. Some people have curly hair. Some people have straight hair. Some people are short and fat. Some people are tall and thin. This does not matter. God loves you just the way you are. Write your name in the blank.

The Bible tells you God is good.

God wants to help you. God wants to make you well and happy. God wants to make you wise and strong. When you know God, you will love Him. God wants you to love Him like He loves you. These lessons are to help you know God and love Him.

  • Do you want to know God?
  • Do you want to be well and happy?
  • Do you want to be wise and strong?
  • Do you want to be good and helpful?

You Can Talk to God


God is right there with you and will hear you. Talking to God is prayer. Learn this prayer and say it to God. Prayer I would like to know You, God, And love You too, like You love me. So, help me learn these lessons, please, And make me what I ought to be.

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