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God Loves You

Boys and girls in many countries are studying these same lessons. So are many of their parents and older brothers and sisters. Why? Because they all like to read about these great men and women who lived long ago. And because it is fun to look at the pictures and to do the things that you are asked to do in each lesson. Most of all you will like these lessons because of what you will learn about God.

God Loves You | Lesson 6

God Will Take You To Heaven

Learn this about God:

God took Enoch to heaven without dying. God has a wonderful home for you in heaven. Walk with God. He will take you to heaven.

These words are from the Bible. Read them aloud 5 times.

Enoch walked with God and he was not, for God took him. Genesis 5:24 (BV)

I . . . saw an open door in heaven. And the voice . . . said, “Come up here.” Revelation 4:1 (TEV)

Words for you to learn

Heaven is God’s wonderful home, where you will live after you die if you walk with Him.

To do as you read and study this lesson

Ask God to help you understand what you are reading. Think about the meaning of each underlined sentence.

God took Enoch to heaven without dying.

Adam had many sons and daughters. And they had many sons and daughters. There were many, many people.

God loved all the people. God wanted to walk and talk with them. God wanted to take them to heaven.

But many people did not love God. They did not pray and talk with God.

They were like Cain. They wanted to have their own way. They would not do what God told them. They would not walk with God. Their sin separated them from God.

But Enoch loved God. Enoch came to God as Abel did, with a lamb to die for his sins. God forgave the bad things that Enoch had done. God took away Enoch’s sins and made him good.

Enoch talked with God every day when he prayed. Enoch walked with God every day when he did what God told him to do. Enoch was on his way to heaven when he walked with God.

God and Enoch loved one another. God let Enoch help Him in His work. Enoch told his neighbors about God. God told Enoch what to say. Enoch tried to get others to walk with God. Most of them would not listen. They were terrible sinners like Cain.

People who walk with God go to heaven when they die. But God took Enoch to heaven without dying. God took Enoch home with Him to His beautiful, wonderful home where everything is perfect and everyone is happy.

God has a wonderful home for you in heaven.

There won’t be anything to hurt you there. You will be perfectly well and happy always. You will never get sick or go hungry or be cold. Everyone will have everything he or she needs in heaven. You will have many wonderful friends in heaven. Best of all, you will be with God who loves you and wants to take you there.

Walk with God. He will take you to heaven.

God sent the Savior to take your sins away. The Savior is God’s Son—Jesus. You can’t see Jesus, but He is there. Jesus came to help you walk with God. Ask Him to forgive your sins. Take Jesus as your Savior. Talk with God every day in prayer. Do what God tells you to do in the Bible. This is the way to walk with God. He will take you to heaven.

Learn this prayer.

Jesus, come and be my Savior. Please do take my sins away so that I can go to heaven. Help me walk with God each day.

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