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God Loves You

Boys and girls in many countries are studying these same lessons. So are many of their parents and older brothers and sisters. Why? Because they all like to read about these great men and women who lived long ago. And because it is fun to look at the pictures and to do the things that you are asked to do in each lesson. Most of all you will like these lessons because of what you will learn about God.

God Loves You | Lesson 7

God Will Save You

Learn this about God:

  • God gets rid of everything bad.
  • God wants to save people.
  • God saves all those who obey Him.
  • God will save you.

These words are from the Bible. Read them aloud 5 times.

God . . . said to Noah, . . . “Make a boat. . . . I am going to cover the earth with a flood. . . . But I promise to keep you safe in the ship.” Genesis 6:12-14, 17, 18 (LBM)

Can you do this?

Words for you to learn

The ark is the name of the boat that Noah built.

To obey is to do what someone tells you to do.

The flood means the water that covered the earth.

To do as you read and study this lesson

Ask God to help you understand what you are reading. Think about the meaning of each underlined sentence.

God gets rid of everything bad.

What would you do if you found rotten potatoes among good ones?

You would throw away the rotten potatoes and save the good ones.

If you didn’t, the rotten potatoes would make the good ones go bad.

God had to do something like that one time. God had to clean up His world before it was all bad. He had to get rid of the fighting and killing, the lying, cheating, ugly words, and other sins. God was going to have a clean, new world. Everyone in it would be good.

God wants to save people.

After Enoch went to heaven, the people got worse and worse. They did bad things all the time. Noah and his family were the only good people left in all the world. God made Noah His helper. God told Noah: “Build a boat. I am going to send a flood. The people in the boat will be saved.”

God loved the people and wanted to save them. He had Noah tell the people about the flood. Only Noah’s family believed what Noah told them. Noah’s wife and three sons and their wives believed God and helped Noah get the boat ready.

While Noah built the boat, the people laughed. They said, “You are a fool to obey God.” Noah told the people they too should obey God. The people laughed and laughed again.

When the ark was finished, God told Noah to put food in it: food for people and food for animals. God was going to save the animals too. Noah and his family did all that God told them to do.

God saves all those who obey Him.

Pairs of animals and birds came from everywhere. Great elephants tramped the ground. Noisy monkeys chattered. Big birds squawked and screeched. Tiny birds flew into the ark. Cats and dogs ran in together. Chickens strutted in.

Noah and his family went in. And God shut the door. Rain began to fall. The flood came. Everyone outside the ark drowned. Those who had obeyed God were safe in the ark.

God will save you.

Now the world is full of sin again. God will get rid of everything bad. But God will save you if you obey Him. Ask God to save you and your family.


Please help my family and friends Believe You and be saved from sin. Help us obey as all those did Who saw the ark and entered in.

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