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Women “Without Wax”

A few weeks ago, I read a blog written by Steve Graves, titled: Without Wax regarding Steve’s most impactful mentor, Howard Hendricks – a man affectionately known simply as “Prof.”

The blog began with these words…

I distinctly remember the first time I received a handwritten letter from Prof.

Though I don’t recall the subject of his note, I very clearly remember his signature, one which has served as an invaluable lesson and a guide in my life. For decades Hendricks signed all his correspondence the same way: “Without Wax, Prof.”

The phrase ‘without wax’ is derived from the Latin words sin (without) and ceras (wax). According to tradition associated with the phrase, “without wax” was used as a mark of authenticity by ancient Greek and Roman sculptors. Because many artisans used colored wax to hide cracks and chips in their sculptures, those artisans who refrained from the practice allegedly marked their pieces with the stamp “sincere / without wax” to signal the integrity of their work.

As women who are redefining beauty and purpose through a life with Jesus, we must be women ‘without wax’ modeled by the hands of our Father’s love and perfection (Isaiah 64:8). Women who choose authenticity over shallowness or fakery. Women who have the courage to stand in truth instead of comparison, jealousy or people-pleasing.

Women who live lives ‘without wax’ stand bravely against the competition led by social media, Hollywood, or the girl next door, while seeking to reflect the beauty of her identity in Christ she finds hidden in His word. Beauty shines through her character, not through make-up, clothes, or body.

Living a life ‘without wax’ is hard work. Work within and work given away.

It is not convenient. God is calling you and me to be pots ‘without wax’, without leaks, without shallowness or fakery. It is only a sincere heart that can truly pour into the lives of others and make a lasting difference.

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