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Discovering Real Hope

Imagine that you live in a place that has battled a long drought. Everywhere you look, the soil is cracked, dusty, and lifeless. It is like it never rained there. It might seem like crops or trees would never grow again. But, if you have lived very long, you know that even the longest drought can be broken by rainfall.

All is Not Lost

In life, we can feel like that dry, cracked soil. Everything goes wrong; we face a long, dry season, hoping to experience something that brings hope and joy. But you can move from hopelessness to joy!

You may owe so much money that you think you would need to win the lottery just to breathe again. You may be in a relationship that has become difficult and that drains you of your hope. Like that drought-dried soil, you feel like you will never be able to grow again.

Perhaps you have lied to yourself and said that you can go on with things the way they are now, but inside, you know that something must change. Maybe you placed your hope on someone and were disappointed. Sometimes, we can be fooled by things that appear real but really rob us of joy and hope.

At some point, you will discover that false hope has made your life dry and difficult. You may want to give up. You may feel that there is no way forward and that you will die in that dry place of hopelessness.

Finding Real Hope

There is hope. There is genuine hope that can bring joy back to you! Like rain on a drought-ridden desert, hope refreshes your life and brings you lasting peace. Where does such hope come from?

“hope refreshes your life…”

It comes from placing your trust in Jesus Christ. Jesus came to solve a problem that every man and woman faces. It is called “sin.”

The Bible says that because of the wrong things we do, everyone falls short of who God wants us to be. Because of the wrong things that we do, sin separates us from God. But, Jesus came to earth over two thousand years ago to pay the price for our sins. When he died in our place on the cross, He broke the power of sin and death and created a new relationship with God for us. By rising from the dead, His promise of new life became sure and certain.

When you allow Jesus Christ to take control of your life then He will bring life-giving forgiveness into your situation and bring you hope; real hope that is as precious to you as rain falling on a drought-ridden land.

Living in Hope

With Jesus in your life, you will never face your problems alone. You will know victory instead of failure. You can stand with Jesus and He will guide you through life in ways that are far better than you can ever think or imagine.  Jesus will put your life together again and walk with you step by step.

Pray this prayer to discover real hope:

“Dear Jesus, I am in a place that is dry like a desert. It is a place where I have no hope. Please forgive me for the wrong things I have done and send genuine hope into my life like rain in a dry, barren place. I surrender my heart to you and ask that you take control of my life now. Thank you.”

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