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Perfect Pitch

“We all struggle with doubt, I suppose. Haven’t you?” I was a bit startled at my sister-in-law’s question.…


My Church Hurt My Family

Our Church hurt my teens. In fact, they were so hurt that they quit attending services. This is…


The Other Side of the Offense

I attended a new Bible study recently, and the first lesson was a heavy subject: forgiving those who…


What’s in Your Heart?

My daughter-in-law has suggested a rule for family gatherings: The older boys are not to tell funny stories…


Until I Return

I read a lot. I especially love mystery stories set in Great Britain. Recently I was reading one…


Just the Way You Are

Relationships: With five children mostly in their late teens and early twenties, there is no lack of relationship…


When Mountains Move

My extended family is solidly rooted in the Pacific Northwest. The sweep of the valleys and farmland, the…


Pursuing the Light

Cats are crazy. We love ours, of course, but sometimes he is a little hard to figure. He…


An Ocean of Love

School’s out, and it’s time to think about a trip to the beach. I’ve always loved the ocean…

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