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When ‘I Do’ becomes ‘I Don’t’.

Author: Steve Grissom

One of my daughters is the consummate question-asker. From the days when she began forming even the simplest words, she has posed constant stream of the “why,” “what,” and “how” questions.

man holding girl near treeEven though I love her deeply, when I get tired, distracted, or just overwhelmed with the nonstop pace of her questioning, you know what happens– I’ll tune her out. Mind you, this is not a good parenting technique and I do my best to avoid it, but it helps me illustrate something you’ll go through if you are facing separation or divorce.

You, too, will become a fountain of questions, even if you are not wired like my daughter. Important questions. Profound questions. Urgent questions. Imponderable questions.

It’s likely that you will find that the people who love you most will begin to tune you out as well. It’s not that they don’t care, it’s just that they are overwhelmed by the sheer number and magnitude of your questions. They also feel ill-equipped to offer answers because the issues are overwhelmingly complex.

That’s why I’m glad Laura Petherbridge wrote this book ‘When I Do Becomes I Don’t’. She has carefully catalogued many of the big questions related to separation and divorce and organized them into an easy-to-read and very usable guide to surviving and healing.

Laura’s own experience with divorce and her many years of divorce ministry make her qualified to help answer the questions that are pressing in on you. You’ll find wisdom and actionable information in this book. Very importantly, Laura will show you how to connect with God to find the answers to the questions that only He can answer.

This is also a good book to share with the people who love and are trying to help you. They’ll better understand the pain, pressure and problems you are facing by reading it.

Follow Laura’s advice. She’s pointing you the kind of healing and recovery that many people never find after divorce. There is hope for your future!

Steve Grissom

Founder and President


When 'I Do' becomes 'I Don't'. Paperback: 240 pages Publisher: David C. Cook (June 20, 2008) Language: English

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