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Robert’s Story

Author: The Journey Online Team

Robert battled depression because of a lost love when something incredible happened!

Growing up, Robert knew love. He had a mother and father who cared for him. He had all that he needed but something was always missing. While both of his parents were religious, they did not have a common faith. Robert felt lost, like he was getting nothing from either experience.

In high school he felt he found that one special person. He thought they would build a life together. Before he knew it, his relationship was gone and he sank into a dark depression.

It wasn’t any better at university. His parents and friends worried about him but nothing lifted Robert from his dark thoughts. Robert felt lost, alone and hopeless.

One day, when Robert was 19, he left class and returned to his dorm room. His mood was darker than usual. He spoke aloud: “I’m Done!” He was startled to hear a voice in the dark room respond to him, “Follow Me!” He thought his roommate was teasing him, but he was alone… but not really!

“Follow Me!” the voice repeated. This time Robert knew the truth. The Jesus he heard about in both his mother and father’s church was calling him to become a Christian.

Robert was overwhelmed by the reality of God’s love. He found peace and hope by accepting Jesus’s forgiveness. Once he knew real love, the depression faded and he found peace.

It might be that you feel the pain of lost love too. Perhaps you feel depressed and each day poses a new battle for your heart and mind. There is hope! Jesus knows the pain you feel and He has the power to change you forever!

God understands the pain you feel. He knows how hard you have tried. He knows how much you want to feel hope again. That is the reason God sent His Son, Jesus to earth. Jesus came to heal the broken-hearted. He came to bring hope to people who feel just as you feel now.

The world didn’t understand Jesus. They didn’t receive His teaching even though he healed the sick, gave sight to the blind and caused the lame to walk again. Instead, they hung Jesus on a cross and mocked Him in a display of all that is evil in our world. The rejection Jesus felt allows Him to understand your pain. Because He is God’s Son, He can also remove that pain.

It begins with a simple prayer:

“Lord Jesus, I feel so much pain inside. I’ve lost so much. I feel unloved, unwanted and unworthy. Please help me! I am sorry for the wrong things I have done. I want to feel Your love make me new. I choose to follow you today and always! In Jesus’ Name, Amen!”

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