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When Love Turns to Grief

Author: The Journey Online Team

Like many people, Cindy Bultema had big plans for her wedding.

Her love for David was strong and the kind she knew would last a lifetime. But, two weeks before the big day, life took a horrible turn when her fiancé, David, died in a freak accident.

Cindy was left alone, broken and grieving. Family members and friends crowded around to offer support, but they battled with the right things to say. Wrong words cut deeply, worsening her grief.

The pain and isolation Cindy met was overwhelming. Emotions ran high. She wasn’t used to allowing feelings to consume her, but the pain of her grief took its toll. She wasn’t sure her pain would ever pass.

Over time, Cindy’s faith began to grow again. She began releasing the feelings, the pain, and her numbness to God. Her loss was real, but so was God’s presence. Cindy began to believe that she would heal and one day, love again.

If you’ve lost love through a painful breakup, a death, or some circumstance you couldn’t control, you know the loneliness that Cindy endured. You know how hurtful careless words can be, even (especially) if they come from family or friends. You know the pain of loss so great that it cannot be measured in words.

God knows the depth of the pain you feel. He offers you a hope that runs deeper than words. It touches the soul. It heals.

How can God help you overcome the sense of loss you feel right now? What does He know about it? God felt that same sort of loss when Jesus Christ, His one and only Son paid the price of sin by dying on the cross. God knows deep grief first hand!

In the video, Cindy mentions the memorial service for David. There was a sense of hope in that place, a sense of hope so real that her father, previously an atheist, embraced faith for the first time. Instead of a sense of loss, people experienced the true hope found only in Jesus Christ.

Giving your life to Jesus will not change the fact that you grieve lost love. Instead, it will give you the opportunity to overcome that loss by accepting God’s unconditional, undying love for you.

The whole reason Jesus came to live among us was so that we who are broken by the cares of life can find true healing and hope through His forgiveness. God promises that His love will never fade, never fail and always endure.

The first step begins with a simple prayer.

“Dear Jesus, Please forgive me for the wrong things I have done. I ask You to change me and make me whole. I need Your help to overcome the loss and emptiness I feel in my life right now. I need your love. I choose to live for You as my Savior. In Jesus’ name, Amen!”

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