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Todd’s Story

Author: The Journey Online Team

Todd’s life had direction, potential, opportunities, everything you could ask for as a 48-year-old man. Having just completed his master’s degree, Todd anticipated moving forward in his position at his company. Then one day, Todd knew something was wrong physically. A trip or two to the doctors changed his world forever. Todd had cancer.

Cancer, no matter how aggressive, hits like a hurricane. No one expects to get that prognosis, but it hits nearly everyone either because they are facing it or someone they love is diagnosed. In those moments, hope cannot often be found.

Perhaps you’ve been diagnosed with cancer. It might be that your son or daughter has this awful disease. No matter how you’ve been touched by this disease it can leave you frustrated, depressed and without hope.

As Todd tells his story, he felt all of those things when he got that awful phone call. His life was thrown into chaos. Though he doesn’t mention it in the video, he spent nearly a week in his home just trying to make sense of it all. This war waged in spite of the fact that Todd had a loving wife, great kids, a fantastic job… nothing prepared him for those words: “It’s cancer!”

Because Todd knew about God, he turned to God looking for answers. What he learned surprised him. He wasn’t sure of his relationship with Jesus Christ. He didn’t know how he stood with God. He was afraid of dying. He felt sorrow over misplaced values. He wept over sins he secretly harbored. In the end, he cried out to God, telling him about all of the doubts and frustration he felt. He asked God to forgive him for past sins and promised more devotion.

God’s response was not exactly what Todd expected. Instead of immediate healing, God promised Todd His presence and companionship as he walked a difficult journey. The physical battles were real and terrifying, but God offered Todd a true peace that couldn’t easily be explained. The further he went with God, the less the cancer threatened Todd’s sense of well-being.

It would be great to tell you that because Todd turned to God, the cancer disappeared. But, that isn’t Todd’s story. He lives each day grateful for what surgery and medications have done, but he isn’t through the woods yet. So far, the prognosis is good. Todd is optimistic that his cancer will be beaten. One thing is for sure, cancer doesn’t own Todd anymore. He cries out to God each day for help.

Have you found the sort of peace that Todd experiences in the midst of the storm? You can!

It begins with a prayer:

“Dear God, I’ve been battling against the cancer in my body and I need Your help. I understand that You offer me hope through Jesus Christ who paid the price of my failings. I want You to walk with me even as you walk with Todd through his battle. I need You and I receive You today. Please help me to find peace in my life again. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!”

If you would like someone to pray with you concerning your health battle (even if it isn’t a cancer), please click the prayer button on this page. If you prayed to begin a relationship with God through Jesus Christ His Son, click the “I Prayed” button. In either case, someone will connect with you soon.

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