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I am not God!

Author: Peggie C. Bohanon

I just heard and read the disturbing news concerning the latest sniper shooting at random in the Washington, D.C. area.

A little distance from the body of the critically wounded 13-year-old schoolboy, the police found a Tarot card reading, “Dear policeman, I am God.” They are currently investigating further to determine its authenticity.

I am neither a forensic investigator nor an FBI agent, for sure, but my fury arises with theirs, as I read this latest word of evil. Sounds like Satan long ago, who thought that he could be God and was thrown out of heaven for his downright arrogance and price. While our love, thoughts and prayers are with this young boy and his family–and other families affected by the random shootings-

I must also stand tall and declare my faith. “I am not God… Thank God!!”

Far be it for me to control my destiny, another’s destiny, or the destiny of the world–what a messed up world this would be.

If I were God, I’d not put up with mankind, with the wickedness and evil of this world’s inhabitants. I’d have long ago rid every faithless foe from the face of the earth, forever, but I am not God. Thank God! His grace extends to the most vile sinner on Planet Earth, and so must mine. Help me, God, to see beyond the headlines and into a heart that desperately needs you; to while seeking justice, to also know there is forgiveness at the foot of the Cross for any soul who seeks it.

If I were God, I’d not put up with me…with the faults, failures, faithlessness of an imperfect person facing a perfect God. Certainly there are days when I fall from the high standard of His holiness – and so do you. We don’t deserve His grace and goodness. But I am not God, thank God. His grace extends to me, in all of my imperfections. His eye sees me; His ear hears me; His heart loves me, and I am safe. Help me, God, to appreciate, but never take advantage, of that grace–to seek forgiveness at the foot of the Cross, then rise in the faith of that same Cross to follow You once again.

If I were God, I’d not put up with the madman from Hell. I’d have exterminated Him a long time ago. Wicked, vile opposer of everything God is and represents, he is the source of sins too despicable to relate. He is the fountain of filth, the discourager of the believer, the diseaser of the soul and the destroyer of life. He belongs in the pit, and to the pit I would assign him right now… but I am not God, Thank God…for He alone knows when “enough is enough” – that day will come, but while there is still day, we, as servants of the Lord, can pull the perishing from the madman’s grasp; we can learn to overcome him with the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony; we can live as warriors of the Way…and leave the rest to God Himself. In due time our God will deal with him forever, in the “it is finished” finality of the Cross!

I am not God, thank God. So I don’t have to put up with mankind, me, or the madman from hell! I can commit each into the hands of an all-wise, all-knowing, all-powerful God. I can serve that God with all my heart, soul and might; let Him rule His world and mine, and know that all will be well for He is God. Thank God!!

Copyright 2002 by Peggie C. Bohanon. All rights reserved.

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