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5 Steps to Sharing Your Faith

Excerpted from Bill Bright's 5 Steps to Sharing Your Faith, ©Campus Crusade for Christ.

Preparing Your Testimony

What to Do:

  • Ask the Lord to give you wisdom and guidance as you write.
  • Keep your testimony within a three-minute time limit· Consider your audience.
  • Communicate personally with the particular individual or group so they can identify with you.
  • Be realistic. Relate that as you walk in obedience, Christ enables you to live through your problems rather than removing them from your life.

What Not to Do:

  • Make statements that reflect negatively on any church organization or individuals.
  • Mention denominations or churches by name.
  • Speak in a preaching manner. Instead, keep to a normal, conversational tone.
  • Use vague terms such as joyful, peaceful, or changed without explaining them.
  • Also, avoid using religious terms such as saved, convicted, or sin without defining them. These words do not communicate to non-Christians.

Writing Style:

  • Begin with an attention-getting sentence or incident.
  • Be positive. Be accurate. Be specific–details arouse interest.
  • Use one or two Bible verses, but only where they relate directly to your experience. Explain the reference–for example, say, “One of Jesus’ disciples said…” rather than “1 John 5:11-13 says…”
  • Write a finished and logical conclusion.· Edit and rewrite as needed.· Rehearse your testimony until you can give it naturally.