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Chapter 12: A Willing Heart

Elijah and Ezri successfully tracked down Eli and Zach, huddled together as the sun began to set.

For days to come, Eli and Zach talked about their adventures. Zach kept asking Eli questions like, “So, you think those men dressed in white were angels?” and, “How come that watch of yours can do so many things?” and, “Where did you get that thing, anyway?”

Eli could only grin and say, “It’s a special gift from my dad that’s out of this world.” No one could ever imagine seeing the two together since Zach had always bullied Eli. Ezri made a great friend too. After her first meeting with LaRhonda, where she comforted LaRhonda in her time of grief, Ezri and LaRhonda often began to meet up at the school library. The two would study and laugh together and just be great friends.

Eli and Ezri both had a mission: to make friends with Zach and LaRhonda, to help them through their troubles in life, and to help them learn more about God. Eli tended to get sidetracked a bit more that Ezri, though. His adventuresome ways didn’t get him in real trouble, but they did get him into several sticky situations.

One day, for example, Eli found some pogo sticks his dad had made. So Eli decided to take them to school. Eli and Zach walked to the nearby middle school track to try them out. Little did Eli know that these particular pogo sticks were powered by a special device that made the sticks jump up to ten times more powerful than normal ones.

After strapping the pogo sticks onto his legs, Eli leaped 10 feet into the air. Lucky for him, the long jump sand pit broke his stride!

Then there was the remote-controlled gadget Eli discovered. Eli found out that the eight-wheeled gadget, which stood nearly two feet high, could instantly change directions with the flick of a switch. The problem there was that Eli accidentally knocked down a stop sign—on top of himself.

Another day Eli somehow downloaded onto his T2U Air Force navigational commands that directed airplanes. He had accidentally pushed a few buttons at the same time by mistake. Air maps from around the world began to flash in full color on the crystal of this T2U. Fortunately, he didn’t end up controlling the flight planes, so no damage was done.

Ezri and Eli discovered much about the heart of God and how to help many people. Through instant text messages and 3D video scenes that seemed to leap out of the Bible, the Holy Spirit showed them many, many ways to be used by God.

The main thing, though, was that they were simply willing to obey God. Ezri and Eli found simple ways, every day, to help people and to share about Jesus with kids at school, at the mall, at the park, or wherever life took them. Their biggest discovery of all was simply learning that trusting Jesus and obeying God’s Word would change their lives more than they could have ever imagined.

Ezri and Eli didn’t always agree on how they would solve tricky situations, but they did agree on one fact: Investing their time into the lives of others was hard work, but it sure was fun to do God’s work! Together they helped others walk with Jesus and to live lives to the fullest God had for them.

So, how about you? Are you ready for a T2U adventure? Yes? Then what are you waiting for? You can receive an instant text message from the Holy Spirit every day.

You can see images leap right out of the Bible, as you read and imagine all the great things that really happened. And you can help others by living your life in such a way as to show them just how much Jesus really loves them. See you at the next T2U adventure with Eli and Ezri!

Let’s Talk

  1. Wow, Eli and Ezri had some great adventures throughout this entire story. What were your favorite parts of the story?
  2. Since we began reading together The T2U Adventures of Eli and Ezri, what have you discovered that has helped you become a stronger Christian for Jesus?
  3. Can you share any stories of how God has used you in living out these five commitments for Jesus?
     Seek the Holy Spirit’s lead in helping others.
     Show kindness and friendship to others.
     Share your story about how you came to Jesus and The Story about why Jesus came to earth.
     Invite others to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and invite others to church.
     Invest in the lives of others—by teaching them about God’s Word and showing them how to live out their faith in Jesus.
  4. What could we pray about together that will help you even more in living out these commitments for Jesus?
  5. There’s a great adventure for you that’s waiting to happen. And it’s all in “God’s timing.” You can’t have a T2U watch to receive instant text messages from the Holy Spirit, but you can read the instant text messages from God in the Bible. You can also be used mightily by God at school or in your community—just like Eli and Ezri. So are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?
  6. What kind of adventures do you want to accomplish for Jesus?