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3 Difficult Choices

A series on the difficult choices that Jesus calls us to make by Dave Beroth.

Will You Give Without Reward?

When life challenges us to take a different direction, what kind of thinking empowers us to carry on with joy and not lose our passion? What do you need to know to take the place of serving people, even those not committed to your success?

As we look at Part 3 of 3 Difficult Choices, consider the mindset behind Jesus’ actions and words the night he washed the dirty feet of His disciples.

Jesus knew where He was going, so he surrendered to a greater purpose.

The cares of life tend to occupy our minds. We can so easily get caught up in the daily activities of life that we forget not only who we are but also where we are going.

Notice something else Jesus knew — “For he knew who was going to betray him,” (John 13:11, New International Version).

There is Judas, full of deceit, full of hypocrisy, about to stab Jesus in the back.

Jesus discerns it.

Jesus knows it.

What does Jesus do with that information? What would I do with that information?

Jesus does not distance himself from Judas. Jesus does not point his finger at Judas and say to him, “How dare you — after all I’ve done for you?” Instead he loves him to the end.

He washes his feet with the same tenderness and affection that he gives the other disciples. Even that did not soften Judas’ heart.

Jesus knew his betrayer. This is our “how to” lesson for dealing with those who betray us.

Difficult Choice 3

How will you serve people who betray you, though you know he or she will not return the kindness?