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How to Overcome Emptiness

Author: The Journey Online Team

There have been times in my life when I felt empty inside. This emptiness led me to do some hurtful and undesirable things just so that I could feel something. I’d pick a fight to feel pain; buy something to feel accomplished, and at times, I risked my own life to feel a thrill. I realize now that they were all in the pursuit of wanting to feel something. But, when it was over I just went back to feeling empty.

The Problem

Overcoming emptiness is not easy. According to most psychologists, you need to know what is causing you to feel empty. For me, I could never figure that out. I didn’t know why I felt empty. I needed to trigger an emotion just so that I could feel somewhat alive. No matter how much I searched myself and looked at my internal and external thought processes, I could not find the reason why I felt so empty.

“I didn’t know why I felt empty.”

The worst thing about it was that triggering an emotion, just to feel something, was starting to fail. I felt hopeless, unloved, confused, insignificant, and ashamed because I didn’t feel human anymore. I didn’t know this at the time, but my parents were really worried about me. They saw the emptiness that I felt and how it was affecting everything about me.

The Solution

It took just one thing for me to overcome emptiness -it took a friend. He saw that I was empty, and he started to invest his time in my life. He pushed me out of emptiness into a wonderful, full life, just by taking an interest in me.

It was a simple act of inviting me to church. Since nothing else was working, I thought “why not?” I realized that if I wanted to keep this friend that I would have to share in something that he was interested in. So one Sunday I went, then the next, and then the next. I found that most everyone seemed to have something that I didn’t. They were full.

While there, I found that I started “feeling” again without the need to force it. I felt more alive at church than I did all week. So I did what any empty person would do. I became addicted.

“He gave me a Bible, and that is when everything changed.”

I wanted to feel full the entire week instead of just on Sunday. Just around that time my friend did one more thing. He gave me a Bible, and that is when everything changed. I found when I started to feel empty I would just open this book and read it.

In reading, I would feel full again and start to move about my day. This went on for a few months and then things really started to happen.

On one occasion, I finished reading the Sermon on the Mount in the book of Mark, closed the Bible, and turned on the TV. I saw the exact thing that I had just read! It seemed like the more I read the Bible the more real it became. I read Timothy and took it as personal instruction rather than just an old letter.

The Journey

It started with my friend asking me to come to church with him and taking me. Then he gave me a Bible and began investing in my life. Through these simple acts, my friend introduced me to God. We didn’t have theological discussions. He never really told me about Jesus. All he did was take me to church and give me a Bible and let God do the rest. You see, the God who created you doesn’t want you to feel empty. He wants you to have a full, wonderful life. He wants your purpose in life to match what His purpose is for you, and when they are in sync there is no room for emptiness.

“The secret… is having someone else invest in your life.”

Emptiness is much like other issues on this site: Anxiety, Brokenness, Confusion, Depression, Fear, Guilt, Hopelessness, Insignificance, and Shame. Solving these issues requires you to do a few things before you are free, and in the case of emptiness before you are filled. First, you must give your emptiness away. The best part is, Jesus will take it and replace it with just what you need. The second thing you must do is receive what Jesus has for you. The third thing is to begin a relationship with Jesus.

The secret to overcoming emptiness is having someone else invest in your life. The best person to do that is Jesus. He will invest more into you than you will into Him. By spending time with Him, you will begin to feel fulfilled. Your emotions will no longer have to be forced. In a relationship with Jesus, you will find the fulfillment that you are missing, and you will overcome emptiness.

If you would like to start a relationship with Jesus today, please pray with me:

Lord, to be honest, I feel like a robot with no emotion, with nothing inside. I am currently reading this wondering if this is going to work. If you are real, please show yourself real to me. Help me feel whole again. I invite you to come into my life and fill the emptiness that I have with your love. Jesus, I give you my emptiness. Please invest in my life in ways that I can see. Your investment in my life was your life. Thank you for that. Fill me with your love and peace. Amen.

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