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If the Church goes Wrong on Christ

Author: Dave Arnold

“We have limited Christ to the sanctuary, to the temple, to the religious area of our lives. We have not practiced applied Christianity. We have restricted it to a Sunday affair. We worship Him behind thick church walls. We tuck Him away in quiet little recesses.

“From Sunday to Sunday, He is rarely mentioned. We spend very little time reading His Word or praying. We Christians act and live as though Christ were dead. This kind of Christ will never make an impact on the revolutionary world in which we live. This is not the Christ of the Bible. He is too weak and small; He is irrelevant.

“The weak, emaciated, impotent Christ of the Church of today bears little resemblance to the Christ who is found in the early Church, which dared to challenge the world and turned it upside down” (Billy Graham).1

“I am the First and the Last…the Ever-living One” (Revelation 1:17, 18).

“If the Church goes wrong on Christ, it goes wrong on everything.”2

1. The Wit And Wisdom of Billy Graham, Edited and Compiled by Bill Adler, Published in New York by Random House, Inc., and simultaneously in Toronto, Canada, by Random House of Canada Limited, Copyright 1967, “The Risen Christ,” The Hour of Decision, 1964.

2. John R. Scott – Enrichment, Gospel Publishing House, Springfield, MO, Winter 1999.

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