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60 Seconds – The Wesley Test

Author: Dave Arnold

At Oxford University, back in the 1720’s, John and Charles Wesley put a test together, and it cost them most of their friends. When they drew up this test, and gave it to other students, they were called “exhibitionist prigs,” and some said they were incapable of being ordinary. Here is the twenty-one question test:

  1. Am I consciously or unconsciously creating the impression that I am a better person that I really am? In other words, am I a hypocrite?
  2. Am I honest in all acts and works, or do I exaggerate?
  3. Do I tell other people what was told me in confidence? Can I be trusted?
  4. Am I a slave to fashion, friends, fads, work, or habits?
  5. Am I self-conscious, self-pitying, or do I justify my actions, even when I am wrong?
  6. Did I live today according to the Bible precepts?
  7. Did I allow God’s Word to speak to me today by reading the Bible at least one hour?
  8. Am I enjoying prayer?
  9. When did I last speak to someone with the objective of my conversation being to lead that person to a knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ?
  10. Are there contacts I make for the sake of business or entertainment only, or do I minister Christ to everyone for the glory of God?
  11. Do I pray about the money I spend?
  12. Do I go to bed on time, and do I get up on time?
  13. Do I knowingly disobey God in anything, which means that I have rebellion in my heart?
  14. Do I insist upon doing something at the prompting of my conscience, even though no one else really cares?
  15. Am I defeated in any part of my life? Am I jealous, impure, critical, touchy, irritable, or distrustful?
  16. How do I spend my spare time, and do my spare-time activities honor God?
  17. Am I proud?
  18. Do I thank God that I am not as other people, and think myself more significant than other people? (See question 17).
  19. Is there anyone whom I fear, hate, resent, or criticize? If so, what am I doing about it?
  20. Do I grumble and complain easily and often?
  21. Is Christ real to me, so that I do all that I do for His glory?

“There is no aristocracy of blood, only of character. A man’s real worth consists not in what he possesses, but in what he is in the inner sanctuary of his own soul” (Rev. Oliver G. Wilson).

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