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60 Seconds – The Grace of God

Author: Dave Arnold

C. H. Spurgeon, the great British pastor of the 19th century, stated, “Every drop of grace distills from Heaven.” God’s justice, mercy, and grace can be explained this way, “The justice of God is when we get what we deserve. The mercy of God is when we do not get what we deserve. The grace of God is when we get what we do not deserve.”

John Newton, former ruthless slave trader, and writer of the classic hymn, “Amazing Grace,” testified, “I went to Africa that I might be able to sin to my heart’s content. I was a wild beast on the coast of Africa till the Lord caught and tamed me.”

A pastor of many years told the story of a youngster in his church who was a terror. No one knew what to do with him. Finally, the boy stopped coming. The pastor stated, “I am ashamed to say it, but I think we were all glad of it.” Nobody made any special effort to get him back. One day, however, while having a special meeting, here came the boy running down the aisle with an instrument case under his arm. “Pastor,” said the boy, “they gave me a fiddle for being good.” “In the first place,” said the pastor, “I could not imagine anyone giving him a fiddle; and in the second place, certainly not for being good!” The boy sensed the wonder on the pastor’s face, and he said, “You see, pastor, I’m gooder than I used to be.” The pastor, watching the boy scamper down the hall, thought to himself, “Yes, thankfully, by the grace of God a lot of us are ‘gooder’ than we used to be.”

Psalm 18:24, “God rewrote the text of my life” (The Message Bible)

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