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Dealing with Death (Easy English)

What will happen to you after you die? Is there life after death? Are you afraid to die? Many people do not like to speak about death. We know that death will come to everyone. Death has no special friend. Death does not care who is dead. Death is final. You cannot go back to life on earth after you die.

We talk about the death of a dream. We talk about the death of hope. We talk about the death of the love of a friend. Words about death are full of pain.

What will happen to you after you die? Some people believe that there is nothing after death. We do not know why they say this. They did not die and go back to life. So, how do we know what will happen after we die?

The Bible teaches what will happen to us after we die. The Bible teaches us that after you die you will stand in front of God. God will judge you. If you obeyed God when you lived then you will go to heaven. If you did not obey God then you will go to hell.

The Bible teaches us there is one way to heaven. The way to heaven is open to you if you love Jesus Christ. If you love Jesus Christ then you will obey Him. If you love Jesus Christ then you will give Him control of your heart and mind. Jesus said if you love Him then you will go to heaven.

God the Father wants you to do what He tells you to do. When you do not do what He tells you to do then it is called, “sin.” Sin will lead you to death. God the Father does not want you to die. He sent Jesus Christ, God’s Son, to die in your place. Jesus Christ died so you will not have to die for your sins. He wants you to love God the Father. Jesus wants you to accept His gift of life. He wants you to give all your heart and mind to God the Father. If you do this then you will go to heaven after you die.

One day your body will die. Death comes to everyone. If you love Jesus with all your heart and mind then you do not need to fear death. If you love Jesus then you will go to heaven after you die. God promised to give you life in heaven. This life will never end.

Pray with me if you want to move from death to life.

“Dear Jesus, I know if I do not obey you then I will not go to heaven. Please forgive me for not obeying you. Please teach me how to love you. I give my heart and mind to you. Take control of my life. Please give me life now and life in heaven. Thank you.”

Death Can Cause Fear…

Are you afraid to die? What will happen after you die? Is there life after death? Learn how to get Eternal Life!

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