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Can You hear Me Now?

Author: Kathy Salerno

When one hears those words, there is a good chance an advertisement for a specific communications company will immediately come to mind.

With this simple question, this company wants to assure us that they have the best service and the best coverage that is available on the market. Anyone choosing them will always be able to connect and communicate with those that they want to communicate with.

The company understands that everyone needs a sure and reliable way to communicate with others both near and far, and that no one wants to have a service that leaves them in a “maybe yes” or “maybe not” type of communication.

Of course, this company wants us to choose them over all the other companies that are claiming to do the same. All of them are competing for our attention and for our loyal business as they each offer us the best deals out there. They know we will choose something because communication is absolutely necessary.


Everybody does it, everybody needs it, and nobody can live without it in one way or another.

Interestingly enough, I believe that God is asking us this same simple question. “Can you hear Me now?” because His communication with us is very important as well. In fact, it’s the most important communication of all.

Throughout the Bible we see that God desires to communicate with us.

We also see His plans and His ways for doing just that. In the book of Hebrews, chapter one, verses 1 to 3, the Scripture tells us that in times past God used various means and methods to reveal Himself and His words of truth and life. In the Old Testament, He used heavenly revelations and spoke through His prophets to communicate to mankind.

Jesus Christ

But, as is clearly seen in the New Testament, He gave the best and most effective means of communicating with us through Jesus Christ, His Son. There is no doubt that through Jesus, God made His ultimate heavenly connection that opened the way so that we may know Him personally and intimately, we may understand His Word, and we may walk in His ways.

Jesus is the exact representation of God and through Jesus, God the Father daily communicates with us so that we can experience His heart of love, mercy, grace and compassion, we can experience His presence up close and personal and we can understand His Word and His will.

Jesus came to offer Himself for the forgiveness of sins, to restore relationship and fellowship with the Father, and to be the very way for direct and personal communication with God the Father. Jesus assures us that there are no more obstacles, no more hindrances and no more disconnections that will keep us deafened or unable to hear the Father’s voice as He speaks His words of abundant, eternal life. Through Jesus, our heavenly Father communicates to each of us His truth, His love, His peace, His joy and so much more!

Spiritual Competition

But, just as with the communications company that claims to be the best, we must remember that likewise spiritually there are others that are trying to compete in offering us what they say is the best and most opportune way to connect with the way to peace, joy and satisfaction that each of us desires in this life and beyond. The world and the enemy of our souls wants us to buy into their deals and services as they offer us what appears to something that we just can’t do without. But, we must remember that there is a high price to pay and the hidden costs are “out of this world” deadly.

Jesus is the best and the only genuine offer. He is available to all that will receive Him by faith. His price is right. He is the Father’s free gift, and He has no hidden costs. He only has benefits that are “out of this world” in bringing life and life abundantly. All of the competition comes up short in comparison to Him.

Let’s not miss His opportunity of a lifetime and like others, we will be able to answer His question with a sure and confident, “Yes, Lord, I can hear You now”!

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