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Made for a Mission

You were made for a mission. Jesus said, “In the same way that You gave Me a mission…


Purpose Driven Life – What Am I Here for?

The most fundamental question you can ask yourself is: “Why am I here?” God makes everything with a…


You are Not an Accident

“I am your Creator. You were in my care even before you were born.” (Isaiah 44:2a – CEV)…


Does Spiritual Growth Just Happen?

Many churches act as though spiritual growth is automatic once a person is born again. They operate with…


Becoming a World Class Christian

You’ll either be a Worldly Christian or a World-class Christian. Jesus said to his followers, ‘Go everywhere in…


Little Faith + Big God = Huge Results

[The boy’s father said,] “… If you can do anything, do it. Have a heart and help us!”…


What Will You Find at Christmas?

The only people who enjoyed the first Christmas were the people who were looking for it. What do…


Discipleship: Transformed by Trouble

God has a purpose behind every problem. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an…


Pull Together when you’re Pulled Apart

Sometimes the biggest conflicts in marriage are over the most trivial issues. One of the silliest fights Kay…


An Easter Letter to your Congregation

We offer this as an idea generator for a possible letter of your own. Dear Saddleback Family, Can…


A Healthy Church Balances the Five Purposes

The Importance of Balance Every church needs to grow warmer through fellowship, deeper through discipleship, stronger through worship,…


Fellowship is a Family Thing

You were formed for God’s family. “God is the One who made all things, and all things are…


Secrets to Serving your Generation in your Time

Purpose-driven churches are led by purpose-driven leaders. I believe purpose-driven leaders balance God’s purposes – not only in…


Raising the Commitment of your Church Leadership

One of the ways I believe you can assess whether or not your church is maturing spiritually is…


Getting your Members to Commit to the Church

Why do churches have so many people on their membership rolls who give little or no evidence of…

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