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You Smile, I Smile…

Author: Dave Beroth

There is just something about my grandson, Lukis, that is contagious. When he is happy, you can’t help but join him. No matter the event – big or small – you simply want to celebrate with him.

One day, Lukis was telling me about an incredible day he had at school. It was one of those days that he believed nothing could go wrong. I said to Lukis with equal excitement, “I bet you made your teacher happy today!” He replied nonchalantly, “I make her smile a lot.” I thought to myself what a wonderful perspective. Lukis knew he had “done good” when he made his teacher smile.

I began to think about what makes God smile. Is it my prayer time with Him? Is it the moments I choose to trust instead of worry? Is it kind words I use with my wife? I wonder how our lives would change if we simply made decisions that would make God smile.

“May my meditation be pleasing to him, as I rejoice in the Lord.”
– Psalms 104:34 NIV

The problem is there are so many temptations to make the people around us smile instead. It can be your parents, your children, your employer, or even your pastor. Without realizing it, we often focus our behaviors toward receiving the approving smile, nod or hug from someone in our life.

Unfortunately, we also end up reacting to a disappointing frown and focus our time and energy on bringing back the smile we so desperately need to function. In the meantime, we miss out on God’s smile. There is nothing wrong with making people happy, but when it becomes your focus – you not only lose out on His smile, you lose out on His purpose for your life.

The hardest thing about making the decision to please God is that those same people you worked so hard to please will not be happy with your change. After all, you are no longer focusing on them.

Know this: The desire to please people will only go away when we replace it with a greater love. In other words, the moment you shift your focus from people to God – and make Him big in your life – you will realize quickly that the approval of one (Him) is much greater than any other smile in your life.

What is distracting you from God’s smile? Are there people in your life that you seek to please?

Closing thought: Lord – forgive me for losing sight of You – your smile. I pray that you surround me with the people who will help me to keep You as my focus. Give me the strength to make You big in my life and trust You even bigger!

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