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Witnessing to Our Families

Author: Barbara Lighthizer

“It’s so hard for me to talk about the Lord to my family members who are nonbelievers,” said Cindy. “How did you witness to your sister before she died?”

Bev poured Cindy another cup of coffee. “Well, first of all, I prayed . . . a lot. I’m the only Christian in my family, so I felt intimidated.” Bev sat down across the table from Cindy. “My sis was dying of cancer. She was on her way to hell,” said Bev, eyes brimming with tears. “I was the only one in my family who could give her the message of salvation. I was desperate.”

Our family members may not be at death’s door, but they could die before the day is over. We don’t know how much time is allotted to us. As Christians, we are prepared to face death with the confidence of Christ’s promise of eternal life by accepting Him as our Savior. However, our heart breaks for our children and other members of our family who have not put their trust in Christ as their Savior.

Witnessing to family members can be more overwhelming than telling a friend or stranger about the Lord. Fears of rejection, alienation of relationships, and ridicule may cause us to procrastinate. How can you begin today to bring the vital news of salvation to those whom you love so much?

Pray every day for the Lord to prepare their hearts and to present an opportunity for you to give your testimony.

Take every opportunity to speak of God’s love and what He has done in your life. In your conversation, make a point of thanking the Lord for the everyday things we take for granted, such as family and friends, health and a job, freedom, and opportunities, and God’s creation and daily blessings. Verbalizing your thankfulness can help them see how you view everything as coming from the hand of a loving God. It will help prepare the way for a deeper conversation about their relationship with the Lord.

Take every opportunity to speak of God’s love

Study and memorize Scripture verses that address the issues of sin, separation from God, the need for salvation, and the consequences of not accepting His free gift.

For stocking stuffers at Christmas, select a Christian novel, devotional, Christian music CD, or a CD of a TV series dealing with a Christian topic. I purchase the same Christian-focused gifts for all of my children, so one will not feel like I’m trying to preach to him or her. What my children do with my gift is out of my control, but I’ve given them another message of God’s love and salvation.

The more we communicate with Jesus by studying the Bible, praying, and listening for His leading, the closer our relationship will become. We may feel that people will think we’re a little strange. However, when giving thanks to the Lord becomes part of our everyday conversation, it will be much easier to take the next step and talk about salvation. We can begin today to witness to our families by watching for every opportunity to focus the eyes of their spirits on Jesus.

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