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What Will Dusty Wear?

Author: Crystal Ortmann

“It’s time to get up and wash,” Dusty muttered to himself.

He yawned and stretched each big foot, then started washing his face, feet, chest, and back.

He even cleaned his ears. He took each ear, held it in his front feet, which he had just licked for moisture, and carefully rubbed it between his short front feet.

It felt good, and he loved to bathe. He always liked to look his best, but life is messy sometimes, so he needed to get clean several times a day.

“Wow, I have it good,” he said. “My lady has to get up and shower, fix her hair, put on makeup, and then she has to decide what to wear. I’m sure glad I don’t have to go through all that.”

Dusty, a little full of himself, knew his soft white fur with the dusty tips and his black mask and feet and ears were gorgeous.

Too bad Cocoa doesn’t think so.

She’s so hard to please. I look great, but she still doesn’t seem to like me much.

The little rabbit chewed on a piece of hay while he thought about it. It’s her loss. She doesn’t wear anything but that brown fur, and it isn’t anywhere near as soft as mine.

“Hey, Carrot-breath,” Cocoa called from the other room, “I can read your mind. Don’t be thinking rude things about me. I’m bigger than you, and I can take you anytime.”

It sounds like she’s having a bad-hair day. I’d better stay clear of her room. She can stretch those feet out and whack me when I go by.

Dusty continued thinking about how people get ready for their days. They don’t have fur, except for a little on their heads and faces, and they are covered with this funny, shiny and slick surface. Come to think of it, I never have seen one lick himself for a bath. People are so weird.

He continued watching his owners. They were busy looking in their closets for something to wear. The man took out a shirt, pants, and a belt to hold up the pants. He also wore something underneath all that. That really confused Dusty. The lady was the same. Her clothes looked a little different from the man’s, but they were just as complicated–especially something she called pantyhose. All that hassle, not to mention having to wear shoes.

Those poor people; I feel sorry for them. They go through all that rigmarole just to be covered. Sheesh! I’m glad I’m a rabbit!

Isn’t it interesting how different God made His creation? Animals don’t have to worry about what they will wear because God already provided the perfect clothing for them–fur.

God didn’t give people fur, but He did plan just as carefully for us. He gave us wonderful, waterproof skin. We can wash with water, and we know how to dress ourselves. We know when we need warm clothes and not so warm clothes. He gave us blankets and coats to keep us warm. We can splash in the water in summer, wearing our bathing suits.

One isn’t better than the other. We just need to remember that God takes care of animals and people in the special way they need.

Dusty loves it that he doesn’t worry about what he’s going to wear. Do you?

Matthew 6:28 says, “‘Why do you worry about clothes?'” (NIV).

Matthew 6:31 says, “‘So do not worry, saying, “What shall we eat?” or “What shall we drink?” or “What shall we wear?”‘” (NIV).

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