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Why Am I Always Out of Sync?

Author: Nancy A. Stevens

“Oh no! I can’t believe I did that!” Jacob exclaimed.

“What’s wrong?” queried Caleb, his neighbor.

“I just put the bag of trash in the car.”

“Did the contents spill?”

“No, but–”

“Well, no harm done then.”

“But you don’t understand. I had two sacks, and I got them confused. I put the trash in the car and threw the German chocolate cake that my wife just baked into the trash bin!”

The elderly man couldn’t resist smiling as he watched his newly married neighbor climb into the trash bin to retrieve the cake. Fortunately, the wife always over-wrapped things–double foil, double plastic bags, and a sturdy grocery sack.

Out of Sync

We all have funny stories to tell about times we have gotten out of sync.

On one occasion, my sister forgot to close the sink drain while she rinsed her contact lens. She dropped the lens, and it went down the drain. Fortunately, our grandfather was able to take apart the pipe and, to everyone’s surprise, found the lens lodged in the crook of the pipe.

One sleepy young man sprayed deodorant on his hair and hairspray under his arms. (It was a sticky situation!)

A dented fender bears witness to the time that an inattentive driver put the car in reverse instead of in drive.
A preoccupied father sent the electric bill to the phone company and the phone bill to the IRS. Imagine his surprise when an IRS employee called and suggested that he pay the phone bill before the service was cut off.

A successful store manager excitedly phoned her business partner and shared a wonderful idea with him. After explaining all of the details, the woman heard her mother respond, “That’s nice, dear. But don’t you think you should tell your partner about it?”

A young mother absentmindedly showed up at the gynecologist’s office for her dental appointment.

We’ve all had embarrassing moments when we have become confused or out of sync. But what if you feel like your whole life is out of sync? You can’t quite put your finger on it, but something is just not right. There’s an empty place inside of you that pleasure and activity never fill. Even when everything is going well, you feel uneasy and discontent.


You’re doing everything that a successful person should do. You have even received recognition for outstanding achievements, yet the restlessness remains. Everyone around you seems happy, but you wonder, Are they really happy, or are they just going through the same motions as I am?

Although you would never share your feelings with anyone, in the midst of your greatest success, you find yourself questioning, Is this all there is to life? I thought I would be feeling happier than this when I reached my goal. What’s wrong with me?

In God’s great love, He created us to be incomplete without Him.

Although we may nourish our bodies and stimulate our minds, the spiritual part of us remains empty without Him.

Why don’t you admit to our loving heavenly Father how you’re feeling? Ask Him to forgive you for your mistakes and invite Him to take His rightful place in your life. He will be glad to come into your life and share each moment with you.

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