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Who Made the Promise?

Author: Nancy A. Stevens

The reliability of a promise depends entirely on the trustworthiness of the person who makes it.

We all know people who casually say, “I promise I’ll do it right away!” and six months later we’re still waiting for them to fulfill their word. Some individuals make promises just to get someone off their backs or to gain others’ approval with no intention of ever doing what they vowed.

However, there are still many people who can be trusted to do exactly what they say they will. Whether they promise to love their mates, to complete a job, or to help a friend–unless they’re struck by a meteor, kidnapped by Klingons or lost in the Bermuda Triangle–they always follow through.

Throughout the centuries, the rainbow has been a symbol of God’s promise to all humankind that He would never again send a worldwide flood that would destroy life on our planet. Although regional flooding has often devastated many areas, for thousands of years, God has kept His word not to completely cover the earth with water.

The Bible is filled with promises that God has made,

some to specific individuals in ancient times and some to us today. He promised childless Abraham that He would give him a son (Isaac) and that his descendants would become a great nation. He promised David that he would rule Israel as their king and that his son, Solomon, would build a magnificent temple. After David’s death, God promised to give Solomon wisdom unequaled by anyone before or after him. People traveled great distances to hear Solomon’s insightful words of advice.

Passover celebrates the fulfillment of God’s promise to rescue His people from slavery in Egypt. First, He commissioned Moses to lead the Israelis. Then He performed many miracles to bring about their release and to guide them and provide for their needs during their 40-year trek in the wilderness.

God also promised to send His Son to earth to show us what He is really like and to bridge the gap between himself and us.

What was the proof of this revelation of himself? Three days after the Roman government put Jesus to death, God resurrected Him from the grave! Over 500 people saw Jesus during the 40-day period after His resurrection before His return to heaven. Four of these eyewitnesses–Matthew, Mark, Luke and John–recorded their story in the New Testament.

The Bible lists many promises that God kept to people in ancient times. But that was so long ago, you may be thinking. What has God promised us today?

He has promised to hear the sincere prayers that come from our hearts, to be near us in times of trouble, to comfort us in our grief, to guide us when we ask for His wisdom and to forgive us when we repent of our mistakes and ask for His mercy.

Will He fulfill His promises to us? When people consistently keep their word to us we learn to trust them. Throughout the centuries God has consistently done exactly what He promised. But He will never force His way into our lives. We must invite Him into our hearts and into our situations.

© by Nancy A. Stevens

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