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Does Trouble in My Life Mean I Missed God’s Will

Author: Charles Stanley

Don’t assume because you run into trouble that you have done the wrong thing.

Paul wound up in prison or was beaten and harassed in most of the cities where he preached. Adversity did not mean he had made a wrong decision, only that God was molding his character through suffering and trials.

Don’t become neurotic about missing the will of God.

God’s plan is not a tightrope upon which one misstep will hurl you into oblivion. He cares too much for you to put you into a perpetual state of fretting and anxiety. He’ll let you know what His plans are as you relax and know that He is God (Psalm 46:10); He is well able to communicate His will to you. When we miss the mark, there is the safety net of forgiveness and restoration. Mark abandoned Paul on his first missionary journey, yet he was one of the men Paul summoned as he waited for execution in a Roman prison. (2 Timothy 4:11)

Don’t major on minors.

God really isn’t interested in the color of your automobile, the type of soft drink you consume, whether you drive the scenic or interstate route to work, the brand of running shoes you wear, or other such minor matters. He leaves such things to personal preferences, equipping you with a sound, capable intellect to make reasonable decisions.

Don’t expect God to reveal His life plan for you all at once.

Knowing God’s will is a step-by-step, day-by-day process in which we develop Christian character and maturity. The Christian life is one of faith, and that involves constant dependence on God.

Don’t depend on feelings.

Certainly God wants us to enjoy His serenity as we seek His guidance. But feeling God’s peace is not the determining factor in knowing God’s will. I’m not sure how wonderful Abraham felt when God called him to a new country, but he obeyed. God may grant you His peace in the decision-making process, but be principle-centered rather than peace-centered.


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