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The Missing Piece

Author: Melissa Bellan

Growing up, I can’t explain how I survived without the Holy Spirit!

I had a relationship with Christ, but had no knowledge of the power of Christ. I knew of God, but I really didn’t know God. I would go to church, sing hymns, and listen to the word. I would enjoy doing this week after week, but something was missing. That was the Holy Spirit!


I am thankful today, that I have experienced the Holy Spirit being evident in my life. One of my first encounters was in a church service. I had no idea what was happening. I was in worship and all of a sudden I began to speak in other tongues. My friend and I actually attended this service on our way to a nightclub. The second encounter happened when I was at work in a file room. One of my co-workers explained to me in depth about the Holy Spirit and I was instantly refilled with the Holy Spirit.


When Jesus ascended into heaven, He instructed his disciples to remain in Jerusalem until they should receive power from on high. As a group of 120 were praying in an upper room in Jerusalem fifty days after Jesus’ death, the Holy Spirit descended upon them with the sound of a great wind and with tongues of fire which settled upon each one of them. They began to speak with other languages and to preach boldly in the name of Christ. The result was amazing! Three thousand were converted.


If you are reading this I would ask you to be willing and obedient. I was in a church service with hundreds of people, on my way to a nightclub, and I was willing even though I did not know what was happening.

Later in life I was at work with one of my co-workers and I was refilled with the Holy Spirit. She discipled me and helped me to understand the power of the Holy Spirit. For those of you who have been filled with the Holy Spirit, I encourage you to continue to tap into that power daily.

For those who have not experienced this power yet, be obedient. God can touch you anywhere even when you least expect it or even when you are not ready for it.

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