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The Grace in Which We Stand

Author: The Journey Online Team

When we think of grace, we think of the favor of God. We are told that grace is God’s unmerited gift toward each one of us. There is nothing you can do to receive God’s grace. Salvation is His gift given in love to you.

But does grace stop at the point when you receive Jesus as your Savior? No, it is His grace that flows over your life each moment, bringing hope and an enormous sense of peace and security.

This is because grace given from God is founded in love, love that is not seasonal or temporary. It is the very love Jesus displayed at Calvary. Grace is His loving intent directed toward each one of us. Usually when we think of grace, we also think of God’s goodness.

In Romans, the apostle Paul tackles this issue. He wants us to grasp a mental picture of God’s grace in our lives. To do this he uses the phrase “this grace in which we stand” (Romans 5:2).

For the believer, living in God’s grace is all consuming.

You can’t walk away from His grace, because this is the way God thinks, responds, and views us–through the eyes of grace. We live in a sphere of grace, surrounded by His goodness.

Even when disappointments come, they are sheltered by the grace of God. There is a realm of God’s favor in which you walk. It is not found everywhere; nor does everyone walk in it, only those who accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

It is through this gift of grace that we have access to God the Father. So when you think of your life before God, think of the way He wraps you in His loving care. Sure there are moments when you feel distracted from Him. Sin captures your attention, or a sense of loneliness redirects your thoughts.

However, there are no variables with God.

He remains the same, just as His love toward you remains constant. Every good thing that comes your way is an act of His grace. Every answer to prayer is His personal response to your need.

His grace washes over your life like sunlight on a cloudless day. Hurt and pain, while they may invade, cannot change the presence of God’s grace. Grace is not dependent on circumstances.

The operation of grace is not less or more because you did or did not do a certain thing. Grace is a gift and always will be. We stand in its light for now. One day we will walk its streets.

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