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Cancer Survivors

Cancer changed my life forever. On October 3, 2004, I went to the Hospital Emergency Room with a low grade fever and a scratch on my leg that wasn’t healing, only to be told by the ER doctor that I had developed an aggressive form of Leukemia: Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia.  I was hospitalized for a total of 43 days and received both inpatient and outpatient chemotherapy. I had several bone marrows tests, blood and platelet transfusions, along with many diagnostic tests and even lost my hair. The good news is that I have been cancer free since my hospital stay! I can’t guarantee that you or your loved one will receive the same physical healing that I had, but I can guarantee that you are not alone in your cancer journey.
The same God that was with me every step of the way will also be with you, if you allow him access to your heart. I discovered then and continue to discover daily that God is greater than cancer. During my hospitalization, I came to realize that Jesus Christ is the “Big C” and cancer is the “small c”. You don’t have to be afraid of cancer because of the reassurance that Christ is in control.
While in the hospital, God spoke to me that He not only allowed this to happen, but had a plan for my life, e.g., a Special Assignment. During your cancer journey, be assured that God has you on a Special Assignment that will not only change you, but also those around you. If you listen to God’s voice and allow Him to change you, your journey will have everlasting results. I encourage you to read my complete story, which includes my meeting Sister Sue Tracy, one of Spectrum Health’s Oncology Chaplains, and a voicemail message that Dr. Richard Switzer left for my pastor regarding my Special Assignment. I trust that through your challenges, God will speak to your heart!  Be encouraged, you are not alone!

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