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Small is Mighty!

Author: Angela Craig

Small has big influence

One month after having his driver’s license, our 16-year-old son had his first experience with roadside assistance.

The phone call home went something like this: “Uh, hi Mom. Uh, something is wrong with the car. A horrible screeching started coming from the back end, and then the brakes locked up.”

My first question was, “Are you okay?” Once I knew he was, I wanted to know what mystery lie behind the brake problem – especially since we had recently had both rotors and pads replaced.

Two hours later the tow truck arrived. With the car loaded and almost ready to go, the driver gave a final tug on the cinch that was holding one of the back wheels to the flatbed. As the driver pulled on the rope, a pebble fell out of the back wheel. The driver picked it up and said, I think this (see picture) may be your problem.

You’re kidding me, right? How could a tiny pebble be responsible for such significant impact?

As it turned out, our tow truck driver was correct in his assessment of the brake issue. The small rock had somehow gotten wedged in between the brake pad and rotor and caused complete brake failure!

“The theory that something has to be big to have a significant impact is false.”


Think about these other examples:

How does the flapping of a butterfly’s wings cause a hurricane? How does a beautiful and fragile snowflake turn into a snowball and then an avalanche? How can a 2-degree rise in temperature put an entire ecosystem into chaos? How can less than one second make the difference between first and second place for an Olympic runner? How did David – a small shepherd boy – bring down the mighty, nine-foot, six-inch tall, fully armored Palestine warrior, Goliath?

Today, you have the choice to pivot your thinking and pursue small changes that will impact your life and leadership forever. What change do you want to see in your life or the world around you? Maybe, you are the pebble that causes corporate change because you step out in courage to share your creative ideas. Or the writer who decides to write one page a day. Or the rock who brings comfort to a grieving friend through a phone call, a visit or a meal. Or a wife who renews her marriage by doing one extra act of love for her husband each day.

Start small! Small is MIGHTY!

Until next time, have an incredible week!

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