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Seven Principles to Highly Effective Parenting

Author: Neil Clark Warren

In Dr. Warren’s book, Learning to Live With the Love of Your Life, he addresses ten secrets to a triumphant marriage. Secret #9 addresses how to effectively handle the parenting aspect of a marital relationship.

According to Dr. Warren, there are seven key parenting principles for the development of emotionally healthy kids.

Principle #1

Your child is a separate being.

  • Dr. Warren reminds parents that their children are separate beings from them. Parents often fall into the trap of trying to mold their children into exact images of themselves, but children need to be allowed to have their own personalities and identities.

Principle #2

You have been entrusted with the sacred task of helping your children become everything they are capable of becoming.

  • Help your children discover their own unique talents and strengths. Listen to your children when they tell you their interests, their hopes and their fears. Nurture their talents and give your child the opportunity to develop them.

Principle #3

Vital to your child’s development will be a consistent experience of being loved unconditionally.

  • Your child needs to know that they will always be loved by you, regardless of their behavior, performance or achievement.

Principle #4

Every child needs carefully determined and consistently maintained limits.

  • While many parents struggle with discipline, it is crucial to set limits. Consistent limits not only make the children feel more secure, but also helps the parent in having better-behaved children.

Principle #5

Parents must decide how to discipline their children in the most effective way.

  • Dr. Warren encourages parents to decide how they will best discipline their children, and to keep that plan consistent. And while punishment is necessary at times, Dr. Warren encourages parents to also praise their children for the things that they do right.

Principle #6

A child should be helped to dream a great dream for his or her life.

  • Help your children realize their dreams and their potential for their life.

Principle #7

Assisting a child to develop character and adopt values is crucial.

  • Developing character in your children is crucial to them turning into adults of integrity. Make sure your children are treating others with respect.
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