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Priorities for a Busy Mom

Author: Brenda Harkins

Sometimes don’t you just want to scream, “Help! Where do I start?” Mom Made It Easy

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Our busy lives can bring so much confusion to our priorities. We want to be all and do all. I’m sure each of you has met your own version of who I call “Cindy.” (Absolutely no offense is intended to anyone by that name.) She is simply my acronym for that ever-deceiving superwoman alter ego (a.k.a. my flesh) who constantly chants, “Come on! Increase your pace! Never say ‘no’! Don’t stop! You can do it!” But God didn’t make us human doings. He made us human beings. To be all He made us to be, we have to acknowledge that only He can be everything to everyone. With that recognition, we can point others to Him and truly be the women of influence He calls us to be.

Believe me. I know all too well the many voices that cry out and pull us in different directions. I understand the work days, church services, carpools, practices, games, lessons, recitals, diapers, laundry, and meals.

Where are we to find any quiet time?

We all desire healthy, peaceful, and prosperous days. Quiet time is the key that unlocks that desire. Time with Jesus prepares our hearts for whatever is ahead of us today. Time with our loved ones builds solid healthy relationships that are so lacking in much of our society. Years from now our children won’t remember all we did for them nearly as much as they will remember the time we spent with them.

God’s grace is amazing. A few years ago I was in a season that seems totally exhausting to me now. With four teenagers, a toddler, a newborn, and a husband that traveled 5 days out of the week I should have been a wreck. And honestly, some days I was. But God’s grace and the lessons He taught me not only got me through, but changed my understanding of priorities.

God’s grace is amazing

The first and most important thing I learned was to give God the first fruits of every day.

As we honor Him and recognize Him as our Source for the day, He prepares our hearts to receive from Him all that we need. Tell Him of your love and appreciation for Him before you ever begin your day. Worship Him. Read and listen to His Word for you today. It will strengthen you for what lies ahead.

Secondly, we have responsibilities to fulfill.

Our time with Him equips us with the wisdom needed to discern between our God-given responsibilities and the seemingly obligatory tasks to which we sometimes commit. Discern His will for you today. It might be laundry. Or, it might be calling and visiting with an old friend. It might be a day that is full of one thing after another. And sometimes it will be a day just for your enjoyment.

Whatever each day holds, it will unfold in peace as you listen to His voice directing you.

Brenda Harkins

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