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Pivot Leadership – Personal Growth and Team Building

Author: Angela Craig

Leadership is a part of every aspect of life.

In Work, Family, And Community

Maybe you are a person who leads a team or organization.

Or a parent raising up the next generation of change makers.

As a mentor, storyteller, or coach you may find yourself sharing your experience to help another to overcome obstacles or achieve their goals.

You may also be a volunteer for a cause close to your heart.

Regardless of where you work or play, it is easy to see how you are leading in more areas than you think you are.

Your leadership has influence. That influence empowers people to move forward towards a common goal.

As a wife, a mom, a team leader, coach, and minister I am constantly looking for and collecting tools for personal and professional growth. I want to impact the lives of others with my words and actions.

That is why I wrote Pivot Leadership: Small Steps…Big Change.

Pivot Leadership is an invitation for every leader who wants to leave their footprints in their organizations, their families and ultimately the world!

TODAY, I have the honor of sharing with you, the Pivot Leadership: Training Companion!

Pivot Leadership: Training Companion will be your toolkit to fix, solve, create and plan personal and professional success! Pivot Leadership: Training Companion is packed FULL of exercises for personal growth and team building:

  • Mission & Vision Planning
  • Goal Setting
  • Team Building
  • Communication Skills
  • Time Management
  • Working with your Strengths
  • Discovering Purpose
  • Becoming Unstoppable
  • And More…

Pivot Leadership: Training Companion is meant to be presented in partnership with Pivot Leadership: Small Steps: Big Change. If utilized with a team, choose a facilitator for your meeting. As the facilitator, you may choose to read, Pivot Leadership: Small Step… Big Change on your own summaries the chapters for your team, client, or students before leading them through each chapter activity. Or as a team, you may desire to read Pivot Leadership: Small Steps…Big Change discussing it by chapter or by section depending on your timeline. Regardless of the path you take for facilitating, you can be assured that the Pivot Leadership training will create an environment where dialogue and reflection will lead to action and change. Individuals who are ready to propel their leadership into a life of meaning and full potential will find Pivot Leadership: Small Steps…Big Change the perfect guide and inspiration. Get ready for SMALL STEPS that will be the catalyst for BIG CHANGE in your personal and professional life!


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