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Perfectly Provided

Author: Dave Beroth

A large Chicago company is one of the world’s largest magazine fulfillment firms. That means they handle subscription mailings by computer. Among other things, they send out renewal and expiration notices.

One day the company’s computer malfunctioned. Soon after, a rancher in Powder Bluff, Colorado, got 9,734 separate mailings informing him that his subscription to National Geographic had expired.

This got the rancher’s attention. He dropped what he was doing and traveled 10 miles to the nearest post office, where he sent in money for a renewal—along with a note that said, “I give up! Send me your magazine!”

There is something about multiple requests that brings answers. For reasons known only to God, that is also true in prayer.

When Jesus taught his disciples to pray, He emphasized the value of persistent prayer. He did so by encouraging them with 3 words: ask, seek, and knock (Matthew 7:7). If they asked they would receive. As they seek they will find and when they knock the door will open.

This morning I was challenged again by the story of the wedding in Cana. Many of you will recall the miracle of turning water into wine. You’ve got to admit this is an unlikely place for the Son of God to begin. I mean, if He’s going to do a miracle, what you expect is lightning, earthquakes on cue, something that says, “I am the great and powerful…” or something like that.

What I want you to see is the simple request of Mary, Jesus’ mother. As the celebration was in full swing, Mary informed Jesus that the wine supply was empty.

Jesus responded to her. ‘“Woman, why do you involve me?” Jesus replied. “My hour has not yet come,”’ (John 2:4, New International Version). I have to wonder if Mary gave Jesus one of those motherly looks because she proceeded to tell the servants, “Do whatever he tells you,” (John 2:5).

This interaction between Jesus and Mary impacted me. She was willing to ask anything but yielded everything. I’ll ask for what I want, but I yield to Jesus because He knows what is best and right.

Recognize that what Jesus knows is best and right is in exact proportion of what is needed.

The miracle of new wine revealed Jesus’ purpose for coming to earth: “I’m going to rescue people.” Jesus will provide for people what they cannot provide for themselves.

As you know the story, Jesus provided a great quantity of quality wine. What are you in need of today? Ask for what you want and yield to Jesus for He knows what is best and right.

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