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One Day Contract

Author: Dave Beroth

Do you sometimes find it challenging to focus on what really matters in a day? I think we all do.

Imagine with me if at the end of each workday your employer could decide to either keep you or let you go.

“The One Day Contract” by Rick Pitino suggests thinking about that might help us focus on what really matters.

The other day as I was preparing for a message to give in a few weeks, I picked this book back up and read through my highlights.

Whether or not you are a basketball fan, Mr Pitino effectively reveals how to add value to every minute of your day. In doing so, he presents great personal development information that can help us all become more focused in our lives.

The idea of the one-day contract is based one big idea: If you had just one day to determine if your contract would be renewed for another day, how proficient would you approach and live out that day?

Would this change your approach to each day? Pitino argues that it would alter your day drastically.

“If you just have one day to prove yourself”, he says “you have to be positive and focused, and cannot afford to be distracted.”

I found how he approaches each day to be helpful.

By following the one-day contract, you:

  1. Have a plan of attack to accomplish what you need to each and every day, which minimizes procrastination.
  2. Focus on living and working in the present.
  3. Are required to be bold and uncompromising, instead of living in fear.
  4. End each day feeling good about your preparation and the effort you gave.

Don’t get sidetracked by things that don’t contribute to finishing each day well.

What are the areas in my life that consume too much time, energy, and attention, that I am not sure really matter?

What will I do about it?

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