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Mission Possible

Author: The Journey Online Team

When I ponder on all that the Scriptures say about the great gift of eternal life that Jesus desires to give to all who will receive Him as Savior and Lord, I am overwhelmed as I understand the depth of meaning and significance in Jesus leaving His heavenly throne to come to this earth and sacrificing His life for our sins.

God’s Word is very clear about the destined and designed plans and purposes for which He humbly came to give His life.

He knew His goal. He knew His mission!

Luke 19:10 (AMP) says: “For the Son of Man came to seek and save that which was lost.”

1 John 3:8 (AMP) says: “The reason the Son of God, Jesus, was made manifest and visible was to undo, destroy, loosen and dissolve the works the devil has done.”

His purpose, His mission, was to bring the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

His sights were set upon breaking into the domain of Satan. He would ultimately destroy Satan’s dominion over mankind. He would release mercy and grace as His weapons of mass destruction to save and liberate those that were lost and bound in Satan’s dark dungeons of sin and death. Jesus’ unconditional love would motivate, empower, sustain and ultimately conquer when upon Calvary’s cross He would proclaim, “It is finished!” and at the tomb’s opening when He would walk victorious in His resurrection.

It is as if we, through the words of Scripture, could see His hand raised

and hear His triumphant shout as He proclaims to all heaven and earth, “Mission accomplished!”

We need to live in this truth, that He destroyed the works of the enemy. His passion, crucifixion and resurrection dealt the enemy a mortal blow. Jesus won the battle. He conquered the enemy’s plans to lie, steal, kill and destroy. He broke the devil’s hold on sin and bondage, and He gives us the way to live and walk in His victory through His Holy Spirit and His Word. He also gives us the opportunities to enjoy the spoils of His marvelous victory. He promises us that we will receive His full inheritance of victory’s spoils when we are with Him in heaven’s overwhelming overflow of riches and glory. He is our conquering Lord of Hosts, our ruling King of kings and Lord of lords!

All of God’s promises of eternal life, salvation, and victory over sin are YES and AMEN in Him. Mission Impossible? No, Mission Possible!

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