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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Author: Laura Petherbridge

When I was in my 20’s, I could hardly pass by a mirror without looking into it, and primping.

Now, I find myself avoiding the polished reflection whenever possible.

Aging has a way of changing the view.

We live in a society where beauty, anti-aging and youthfulness are desired at all costs.

Photo of Woman Standing In Front Of Mirror

People spend thousands of dollars to obtain a younger look. I try to fight the trend, but it’s not easy. A few years ago I had an episode where I would see a bright flashing white light when I walked into a dark room. It was frightening. I visited my ophthalmologist and after a thorough examination he said, “Everything is fine. It’s just the gel in your eyes is thinning. This happens as we age.”

Once that I knew I wasn’t dying of a brain tumor, an attitude ensued.

“What” I replied, “What The gel in my eyes is thinning. I didn’t even know I had gel in my eyes.”

He chuckled. I didn’t. My hair is thinning, my bones are thinning, and this doctor has revealed the gel in my eyes is thinning.

What I want to know is when is a doctor going to tell me my derrière is thinning That’s the call what I’m waiting to receive, “Mrs. Petherbridge I’m calling to tell you that your test results are in, and your derrière has shrunk by 4 inches.”

Why can’t I get that phone call Of course, I could stop eating brownies and that result would most likely occur. But that’s a different message, isn’t it When do I get to choose what body part is aging and thinning

Who came up with this plan Oh, yeah—it was Adam and Eve. We humans think we are smarter than our Creator. Now I remember.

Today the average American woman dies around 78 years old.

If I match the statistic long, I’ve already lived 70% of my life. In other words, if this were a football game, I’m headed for the last quarter—and the clock is ticking.

I want my final season to count, really count.

That’s why I’m committed to focusing more on inner beauty this year, than outer appearances. After all, that’s what God sees.

When Samuel was choosing God’s anointed one to replace King Saul, Jesse brought one son after another before the prophet thinking “This must be the one.” However, God had other ideas, Do not consider his appearance or his height…The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. “

When Samuel had seen the last son he asked, “Are these all the sons you have” and Jesse brought the youngest – the most unlikely. This proves the Lord’s ways are higher than man’s. “Then the Lord said, Rise and anoint him; he is the one. (I Samuel 16:6-12)

When God looks at my heart I want it to be lovely— and fully alive.

I want him to see a vibrant, passionate spirit that pulses adoration for the One who saved my soul and sees beyond my wrinkles, grey hairs, and yes—even my thinning eye gel! How about you?

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